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Common problems and solutions of slewing bearings (Part 2)

2022-02-09 00:41:00


After the slewing bearing is loaded, its clearance is about 3-5 times that of the factory inspection (three-point inspection method), and it can continue to be used within this range.

(1) The mounting bolts are loose, causing shaking during work. Immediately check all inner and outer ring mounting bolts and tighten as required.

(2) The rigidity of the steel structure supporting the slewing bearing is not enough, and elastic deformation occurs during loading, resulting in the overall shaking of the slewing bearing. Increase the strength of the steel structure supporting the slewing bearing.

(3). Check whether the overload operation is performed and operate in strict accordance with the regulations.

(4). Long-term overload operation will lead to the crushing of the raceway and the clearance is too large. If this happens, please notify our after-sales service department in time.